Article by Millie Peach     |     Photo by Lorraine Fletcher


Times of crisis call for one thing and one thing only.


There’s absolutely no point in sitting back and letting the support system that we so depend on collapse around us. Now is the time to commit ourselves to doing everything within our power to keep this planet a place we can live on.

It might feel like an overwhelming task, but the great news is that we don’t have to start from scratch. The solutions are there. On our very doorsteps we’ve got brilliant minds working on clever solutions to restore the degraded land around us, to bring back the lost biodiversity and to reduce our county’s carbon emissions.

The Shropshire Love Nature Festival is designed to showcase the incredible work that’s already going on in Shropshire. We will shine a light on solutions that are cheap, easy and can often be implemented in our own gardens. Most importantly we aim to inspire hope that we can and will build a better future for everyone.

Nature is incredibly resilient. With so much rural space, Shropshire has the potential to thrive as a pioneering county of low emissions, flourishing ecosystems, happy farmers, and healthy people. We can repair our broken relationship with Nature and build a future in which we as humans can live in harmony with the plethora of life around us.

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