Footbridge in sunlight in ShropshirePhoto by Lorraine Fletcher      |     Article by Sian Thomas     


Since I stuck a proverbial toe in the water of the Zero Carbon Shropshire (ZCS) project I have discovered many things, not least amongst those being that even a non enviro expert can be useful.

Just as we have seem demonstrated so clearly in these COVID times that hospital cleaners may not be operating directly on patients, but are just as important to the smooth running of the NHS, I have also noticed, that being prepared to go through the pain of minute taking for example, is still vital work to reducing our carbon footprint! 😊

The brave souls who set out in August saying to each other “why not get a ZCS plan done by December 2020?” could only dream of a partnership emerging that actually comprised of experts, councils, environmentalists, industry, business, young people, keen amateurs, charity workers and volunteers – and it working!

Experts congregate in sector specific working groups but are welcoming to those of us who just want to listen or offer research time. Those who are able to create systems and facilitate, bring together working group findings to be readable to us all, or those of us who are tech savvy play to their strengths and tweet etc 😊

Most of all I have found that if you just do a bit of thinking “how can I help in real terms?” and put some proactive time in, you too can make a real difference no matter who you are.

Reshaping a world, ‘Building back better’, ‘Climate justice for people’ or however you want to phrase it is entirely possible if we just get on and do it.

I cowered for too long feeling like I couldn’t face hearing about the climate emergency because, quite frankly, it scared me stiff but in joining ZCS and doing what I can (even if It’s a bit of a pain at times) ultimately it has led to me feeling empowered, enabled and totally encouraged. Encouraged by all the clever people who are actually out there making a difference, provide real and lasting reductions in carbon and enable nature to regenerate again, proving it doesn’t have to cost us economically and how it can benefit us in this world – even a politician’s economically driven one.

Come on and join us if you fancy it! Socially distanced of course – we meet via Zoom and make our own teas – but we pretty much share everything else 😊


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