Enterprise Engagement Group

All enterprises need to be aware of how the climate and ecological emergency will impact their operations: adapting and becoming sustainable is good business. This is a message we need to promote across the county.

Each enterprise is unique and will need to create its own pathway to sustainability. While some organisations have already taken actions, others are less engaged.

The Enterprise Engagement Working Group aims to engage and inform enterprises across Shropshire about the climate and ecological emergency and foster a sense of urgency to take action. Also, to communicate the benefits of sustainability.

We need to do this on a large scale, quickly by:

Identifying early adopters that can share success stories, benefits and inspire others to actions

Deliver awareness raising presentations and provide a ‘customer journey’ for taking action

Build up links to resources and organisations that can support enterprises on their journey.


Carbon Literacy Training

Discover training courses to help your business understand its role in terms of tackling climate change.


Cool Shropshire & Telford

Cool Shropshire & Telford is a FREE environmental support scheme for local micro businesses and SMEs looking to be a little greener and start their carbon reduction journey.

By registering with Cool Shropshire & Telford, you can reduce overheads through increased efficiency, enhance your business’s reputation, and connect with like-minded businesses to collectively make a difference.


Shropshire businesses click here to use the Cool Shropshire & Telford tool


Telford businesses click here to use the Cool Shropshire & Telford tool


Planning & Taking Action

If you run a business in Shropshire, find out how to get started and learn more in the Sustainable Business Guide.


Funding for SMEs

Explore funding for SMEs in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin here, here and here. UK-wide support here.

Get involved

Whether you’d like to volunteer on any of our projects across Shropshire, or you have a little time to spare to volunteer with Zero Carbon Shropshire and support us with things like publicity, events, social media and administration, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Simply drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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