Shropshire’s Climate Crisis

A great explanation of Shropshire’s climate crisis from Shropshire Wildlife Trust – why it’s happening, the impacts Shropshire and what we can do about it.

9 minutes 25 seconds


BBC Radio Shropshire interview

Di Carrington, Belle Lewis and Dan Shillabeer were interviewed about the work of Zero Carbon Shropshire  by Jim Hawkins on Mid-morning on BBC Radio Shropshire.

1hr 14min 08sec in Di and Dan talk about the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan

1hr 43min 38sec in Belle Lewis talked about why younger people are getting involved with Zero Carbon Shropshire



The Shropshire Star article

Read about the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan and how we are going to implement it in the Shropshire Star of Feb 1, 2021.



Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency

A plan of action to achieve Zero Carbon Britain from the Centre for Alternative Technology. How to achieve zero carbon using today’s technology, while improving health and wellbeing, creating meaningful jobs and creating more space for nature to thrive.

3 minutes 6 seconds


The Shropshire Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill Alliance

An excellent video about the importance of The Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill and how you can get involved in shaping it for Shropshire.