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If you own or run a business in Shropshire you can sign the pledge on behalf of your company using the form below. Signing the pledge means your business supports the work of Zero Carbon Shropshire.

You can also Sign up and contribute as an individual if you live or work in Shropshire.

You might like to tell your customers, suppliers and stakeholders that your business supports Zero Carbon Shropshire, and you can follow us on our social media accounts and tell an even bigger audience.

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Finally, you could go the whole hog and encourage your employees to join a working group (they are listed in the form below and further information will be in the welcome email you get when you sign the pledge). Whether you have employees who are expert in a working group area or just interested they can join a group or groups where they can:

Join the discussion and contribute ideas

Contribute expertise

Report on what’s going on in working groups

Post to social media

Write articles for our newsletter and local and even national newspapers

Update our website

Make videos

Help with our Mailchimp account

Do a million and one other things we need help with

A Letter from our Chair

Invitation to be a SCAP Member

Shropshire Climate Action Partnership (SCAP) is a newly established partnership of the businesses and communities of Shropshire, including Shropshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council, public sector and voluntary sector bodies and enterprises large and small.

SCAP is being set up in response to the accelerating climate crisis and the widely recognised urgent need for a coherent plan that enables us to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

We are keen to have your support for this defining and vital process of achieving a plan for Shropshire, that will have the widest possible support from all sections of all communities across the county.  We plan for broad engagement and participation from a diverse range of working groups, industry bodies and associations that will draw on the excellent work that is already ongoing across the UK and worldwide.

We would like to invite you to demonstrate your support for our goals and your commitment to help achieve net zero carbon Shropshire by 2030.  To do this please sign the pledge.  Please also advise us if you have done, or are doing, work towards zero carbon in your organisation or community, and that you are happy to share your findings or contribute your outputs to our overall Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan.

If you are an organisation active in Shropshire or a business offering products and services in Shropshire we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a formal member of SCAP. This will ensure that you are included in all invitations to participate in consultations and calls for evidence, and also allow you to become part of the SCAP governing body and to help steer the direction of the SCAP through our general meetings. In addition, you would be eligible for nomination to the Steering Group and working groups.

Membership of SCAP is open to all organisations with residence, business or other interests in Shropshire, and national organisations of relevance, who affirm a commitment to relevant action within their sphere.

I very much hope we can count on your support. 


Best wishes


Mark Fermor, Acting Chair, founding sponsors for Shropshire Climate Action Partnership

Our pledge of support to the work of SCAP

We, the undersigned, pledge our support for achieving net zero carbon Shropshire by 2030, and undertake to align our activities to be consistent with achieving this goal.