Working Groups

Our work is largely undertaken by several working groups who meet online weekly to focus on different themes. You’re most welcome to join one or more of these groups to help with the work, to contribute your own ideas or specialist expertise, or simply to find out more.

Each working group is collating the excellent ideas, plans and solutions from across Shropshire and around the globe to create the right plans for our county, informed by stakeholder engagement and inputs from all those who want to get involved. 

Whether you have sector-specific knowledge, are a local practitioner, or simply an interested local resident who wants to offer some ideas, you can join one of the working group meetings by signing up at and indicate which group you would like to join.

The meeting times for each group are listed below.




Consumption and Resources

As needed


Wednesdays 11am

Land and Biodiversity

Wednesdays (fortnightly) 4pm


Thursdays 3pm


Wednesdays 2pm

Organisational Teams



Communication & Engagement Team

Tuesdays 4pm

Carbon Tracking & Reporting Team

As needed

Enterprise Engagement Team

Tuesdays (fortnightly) 10.30am – 12.30pm

Weekly meeting times and contact


Consumption and Resources, Tuesdays 2pm,

Buildings, Wednesdays 10am,  

Land and Biodiversity, Wednesdays

Energy, Thursdays 3pm,

Transport, Fridays 10am,


Communication & Engagement Team, Tuesdays 4pm

Carbon Tracking & Reporting Team, Wednesdays 12.30pm

Editorial Team, Thursdays 12.30pm

We will be recording each meeting and providing access to the video for those in working groups who are unable to make a particular meeting.

If the meeting you want to attend is taking place during your working hours then we encourage you to inform your employer and ask them to sign up as a member of SCAP and also to confirm that they are happy to provide you with a couple of hours per week for you to contribute to this important project.  There are no employers in Shropshire that are not affected by the climate emergency and we look forward to them supporting this initiative!

Call for evidence

If you have ideas or suggestions, or action plans for your organisation or community, we want to hear from you.  We are calling for evidence that we can evaluate and consider for inclusion in the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan.  Please give us your ideas and suggestions below.

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