Shropshire Love Nature Festival 










Shropshire Love Nature Festival 2022

July 23rd to August 21st




The four weeks of the Festival will be packed full of events.

During this second year of the festival, we’re going bigger and better than before, with a Food, Farming and the Environment theme. There will be loads of opportunities to celebrate and explore nature in all the many and varied ways we saw in our first year, but we’ll also be diving deep into the issues and groundbreaking solutions being presented by farmers and landowners around the county.



Increase your knowledge and understanding of natural systems and dive deeply into the opportunities that come from working in alignment with nature. Increase your connection with nature for a greater sense of wellbeing.



Get skilled-up with the Love Nature Festival! Many of our events will enable you to learn and take away new skills for nurturing a stronger natural environment.



Take action to directly make a difference to the health of our natural environment during the Love Nature Festival. Together we can achieve so much!


SLNF 2022.  What’s it all about?


SLNF is our second month long festival to involve, inform and enthuse Shropshire residents and visitors about our biodiversity and the current crisis it is facing. We need to tell people the truth about this and how we can all help to fix it.


We are facing a global extinction crisis which has implications for every one of us. It’s tempting to assume that the loss of wildlife and wild places is a problem that’s happening on the other side of the world. The truth is that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries on the planet and the situation is getting worse.”

Sir David Attenborough 2021


 “Just protecting the nature we have left is not enough; we need to put nature in recovery, and to do so at scale and with urgency.”

Craig Bennett, CEO, The Wildlife Trusts. 2021


Times of crisis call for one thing and one thing only: action. There’s absolutely no point in sitting back and letting the support system that we so depend on collapse around us. Now is the time to commit ourselves to doing everything within our power to keep this planet a place we can live on. It might feel like an overwhelming task, but the great news is that we don’t have to start from scratch. The solutions are there. On our very doorsteps we’ve got brilliant minds working in clever solutions to restore the degraded land around us, to bring back the lost biodiversity and to reduce our county’s carbon emissions. The Shropshire Love Nature Festival is designed to showcase the incredible work that’s already going on in Shropshire. We will shine a light on solutions that are cheap, easy and can often be implemented in our own lives. Most importantly we aim to inspire hope that we can and will build a better future for everyone. Nature is incredibly resilient. With so much rural space, Shropshire has the potential to thrive as a pioneering county of low emissions, flourishing ecosystems, successful farmers, and healthy people. We can repair our broken relationship with Nature and build a future in which we as humans can live in harmony with the wealth of the natural world around us.





Underlying themes of the festival 2022


  • The connections between climate change and the decline of Nature

(biodiversity/habitat loss.)


  • Nature is and must be part of the solution to the damage caused by climate change and habitat / biodiversity loss


  • The urgent need to preserve and enhance our biodiversity for human existence


  • The health and well-being benefits of nature – the need for connectedness


  • We all have a part to play and we can all make a difference.


  • Our 2022 focus on food and farming is designed to highlight examples of sustainable farming in our county. These venues and practices benefit Nature and biodiversity from the soil upwards, connect people to where their food comes from and provide healthy nourishing food for everyone.


“We are in the middle of a climate and nature emergency, and the two are inextricably linked. Climate change is driving nature’s decline, and the loss of wildlife and wild places leaves us ill-equipped to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to change.”

Craig Bennett, CE The Wildlife Trusts





We need your help to ensure that this year’s festival can reach even more people and create even more lasting change for Shropshire’s natural environment. Get involved by running an event, becoming a festival volunteer or by sponsoring the festival.


Events are run by people like you – individuals, communities or organisations who care about nature. If you feel inspired to run an event – either on your own or as part of a larger group, we’d love to hear from you. Events could be open days, exhibitions, workshops, community fairs, nature themed sporting events, foodie events, farm tours or any other events that keep to the themes of the festival.

This year, we have a focus on food, farming and the environment. We’re looking for events that are great for family days out, that enable people to take action to protect our natural world, or that give us all a chance to explore nature and the challenges it’s facing and to learn about some of the fantastic solutions that we can put into place right here in Shropshire.


We love volunteers! In fact, it is our main source of fuel. If you support the festival aims and have the odd hour here and there or a few hours a week, we’d love you to get involved. You’ll be supported with full training if needed and we’re offering the following roles:

  • Programme developers – supporting event organisers
  • Website support – writing blogs and uploading content
  • Social media campaigners – creating and/or sharing posts
  • Community liason – distributing flyers and spreading the word
  • Event support – Attending events to photograph, video and/or report back about how they went.



Shropshire Love Nature Festival started up with help from a dedicated team of volunteers and with support from the Lottery Community Fund.

We want to keep this festival growing year on year and need your help to make that happen. Consider sponsoring the festival as an individual supporter or talk to us about the opportunities involved in becoming a business sponsor.