by Sian Thomas

I don’t really know much about houses – I’ve learnt not to say brick when I mean stone, not to say roof when I mean ceiling BUT I have been lucky enough to listen to an ‘estate?’ of architects and building professionals in my role as reporter for the Buildings Working Group while working on the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan.

This, in my own, very simple language, is how I see what we all could? Should? Ought to? Can Do:

  • Homes should sell for more if they are environmentally friendly and/or sustainable, and/ or energy efficient.
  • Homes need to be environmentally friendly rated – perhaps between 1 (terrible to the environment) and 10 (improves the environment); the new ‘beautiful’ home we desire.
  • Building materials MUST make this possible.
  • Building materials MUST be as environmentally manufactured as possible.
  • Recycle, reuse and repair with what we have – shear those sheep, compress that plastic.
  • It’s sexy to buy double or even, dare I say it, triple glazing!

As one architect said to me – we need to:  “… build up to proper sustainable standards and not down to price. We need to be shocked by the Jones’ for not having insulated and de-carbonised their home. This needs to be the new ‘right and usual thing to do’. This needs to be the guilt free way to live. This needs to be the financially sensible way (grants and ‘pay-back’).”

Please feel free to have an explore and learn more about the Bigger Picture and how we can improve our Homes and Businesses

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