Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan

Achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2030


You can download your copy of the full plan for Shropshire or the shorter call to action below:

Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan

Zero Carbon Shropshire – A Call to Action

ZCS Plan References

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About the plan

SCAP has developed and published Version 1 of the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan.  This provides a practical action plan for Shropshire, developed through the intensive efforts of over 100 volunteers from all walks of Shropshire life and supported by an extensive network of local enterprises, community groups, councils, charities and other public sector and private sector organisations.  This plan captures the ongoing ‘work in progress’ being undertaken through working groups on:


Carbon Tracking & Reporting

Communication & Engagement

Consumption & Resources

Enterprise Engagement


Land & Biodiversity



 We recognise that, whilst many actions can be taken right now, and this is vital given the climate and ecological emergency we face, there is also a need to further develop plans and refine actions based on a wider engagement and feedback across all Shropshire communities. This Version 1 therefore represents the basis for further consultation, feedback and refinement.