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Link  to the on-line maps, courtesy of Shropshire Council

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Zero Carbon Shropshire

Land Use Consulting


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How much is there?

Where is it?

How could it impact the local economy?

Zero Carbon Shropshire has carried out a study to help us explore these questions – generously funded by Shropshire Council.


We have looked at the physical possibilities of solar and wind power in Shropshire and produced a series of on-line maps showing the siting possibilities and the major physical and geographic constraints. This will help us all move towards our target of Zero-Carbon Shropshire.

If you have an interest in renewable energy generation, land management, community energy development or are just simply interested, we will be presenting the report and maps in a two-hour Zoom session on Wed, 20th October at 2pm.

You will hear from representatives of ZCS, SC and the report’s authors about the project, but we also want to hear from you!

Register for the event here

Please join us to discuss this innovative and exciting new venture.

Webinar timetable

    from duration (mins)
Introduction Chris Deaves, SCAP 14:00 5
Outline of the Project Dan Widdon, SCAP Project manager 14:05 10
Shropshire Council’s purpose Adrian Cooper 14:15 10
The project work and findings Natalie Collins – Land Use Consultants 14:25 20
On-line demonstation of the mapped results Natalie Collins – Land Use Consultants 14:45 10
What does this mean for Shropshire? Chris Deaves, SCAP 14:55 15
Roof-top solar opportunities Dave Solar Coop 15:10 10
What next: LUC viewpoint Natalie Collins – Land Use Consultants 15:20 15
What next: Q&A Chris Deaves (moderator) 15:35 30
FINISH   16:05