Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Online carbon footprinting tools are great for helping individuals, businesses and others identify where and how they add most carbon to the atmosphere and, therefore, where and how they can go about reducing their carbon footprint. Some are very complicated and you would benefit from help from an experienced footprinter. Others are simpler and you can have a go on your own.

Zero Carbon Shropshire will be providing support and resources to help people understand and use carbon footprinting but until that is available you could check out the tools below.


For individuals and households

For individuals, a good tool is Carbon Independent where you are given a choice between quick and easy and more detailed options.


For small businesses

A more complicated tool, more suited for businesses is below. We would recommend you also visit the Carbon Footprint website where you will find some further useful resources, including a free Micro Business Version and other options for small and medium sized businesses.