Dirt track

Photo by Photo by Yasin Küçükdişli Unsplash     |     Article by Dr Alan Leaman     


How far does the postie have to drive to deliver your mail?

Of course many of us live in houses adjacent to a road but in Shropshire there are lots of homes that can only be reached by the Royal Mail van driving down a muddy lane. Consider how much fuel is used, and carbon dioxide emitted, delivering letters and parcels to these addresses.

The solution is to get a road-side letter box. Of course there are some people who are unable to get out and for whom door to door delivery is a lifeline. But many people could provide a Secure roadside letter-box which would save energy and make life easier for the Royal Mail and other couriers. Naturally if there are three or four of you down that lane then you would all need to get a roadside box.

This would also be a good opportunity to get a larger letter/parcel-box which would take many parcels as well as letters. That would avoid finding your precious parcel left on the doorstep, or, worse still, a tedious trip to the sorting office to collect the parcel that wouldn’t fit your letter-box.

There is another reason for getting a road-side box. If you like to let your dog roam outside it is unfair to expect your postie to brave your pet each day to deliver your letters. So why not fit a letter-box by your front gate?

So here is an opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to make life easier for yourselves and your postie and who knows, you might even have the chance to make your own during lockdown! Good luck 😊


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